When it comes to deciding what career I would like to obtain, I have many ideas, desires, dreams, and goals. One of my main aspirations is to become a sideline reporter. I’ve always had a passion for sports and have always watched sports growing up. I’ve watched and admired female sideline reporters like Erin Andrews and Samantha Ponder and it inspired me to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.

Sports broadcasting is a big part of the digital world. There are many outlets for sports broadcasters/journalists through the digital world. Social media is a major outlet for sports broadcasters. Sports broadcasters use social media cites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to advertise games, to discuss what’s going on in the world of sports with sports fans, etc. On Facebook a sports broadcaster typically posts status’s or pictures, maybe even articles to report sports news or advertise their airings. Instagram is typically used by sports reporters to simply display where the broadcaster is reporting from or who their reporting on. Sports broadcasters include who, what, when, where, and why in their Instagram captions on their pictures. When it comes to Twitter, I find that Sports broadcasters use Twitter the most. Twitter is a crucial cite for broadcasters as they can post pictures, quick updates on games, play by plays, results of games, controversial news within the sports world, links to articles, and so much more. Sure, you can do this on Facebook as well and some on Instagram, but Twitter seems to be the best outlet to reach sports fans.

Social media is just a small portion of what sports broadcasters can use to reach their audiences. Other parts of the digital world such as blogging can be used to cover sports stories and appeal to sports fans. Writing blogs that pertain to sports fans can help a sports broadcaster relate to sports fans and or become more well known. Creating a blog and becoming familiar with blogging will definitely be beneficial in a career as a sports broadcaster. Learning how to use different platforms of the digital world to to my advantage in reporting/covering sports will also help me in my career as a sports broadcaster.


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