Thoughts on Glen Burkins’ presentation and qcitymetro

I really admired Glen Burkins’ passion to pursue something that he loved despite the risk.  I found it interesting that he basically had an epiphany in a nursing home while visiting his mother, that he did not want to grow old and be unsatisfied with the thought of not pursuing something. Although I admired that he was willing to take a risk to do something he loved, it still baffled me how he left the observer where he was making a steady income and started a website where he had to spend money to make money. From his presentation, it made me realize how hard creating revenue for digital journalism can be. It also sounded very stressful to be an entrepreneur in the digital journalism world as he faces competitor’s and has to make tough decisions of how and what to edit and how and when to focus the business side of the website-the revenue. I also found it interesting to learn that the revenue for his cite mainly comes from advertising. I personally like how the cite is set up with the different tabs at the top so you can choose the kind of stories you want to read. I found some interesting stories, but I also don’t particularly think I would go to his cite or stumble upon the cite just to read. I feel that if he did a few stories here and there that are appealing to millenniums, that they will be shared through social media, leading more people to the cite and possibly leading to more exposure overall. Before his presentation I had never heard of his cite.


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