Review of “Welcome to the Florida Keys” blog.

I reviewed the following blog: Welcome to the Florida Keys. This blog is about the Florida Keys. The author Kate tells about her personal experience on a trip to the Florida Keys. She includes details of places to eat, what the locals are like, bars, the sunset time, what to do there, and where to stay. Kate goes into detail of her personal experiences with each category she wrote about. She begins the article with telling why she traveled there-which was because of a Netflix show called “Bloodline” in which she said portrayed the Florida Keys in a different way as she perceived and inspired her to travel there to see for herself. This blog gave a different take on travel than most travel blogs. In this article she spoke about her experience and what the people were like, and the places were like, so the reader can have an idea of the atmosphere and what to expect. Typically travel bloggers just tell about what their experience is like by describing the area and the food without going into details about the atmosphere as well. When reading through the comments, it seemed like it inspired people to go there as well and that it was helpful by providing places to go and things to do. All the comments seemed positive. I personally liked the blog myself, and would like to travel there as well and maybe even try some things Kate mentioned. Anyone who is interested in traveling would enjoy this blog because of the helpful tips. Kate includes links to the places she describes in her blog which is really helpful so the reader can find the place easier and get more information if they’d like.


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