Joey Bunch

First off, I will start by saying how I loved Joey Bunch’s personality. He has such an outgoing personality and good sense of humor. Secondly, one of the questions I prepared to ask him was what the transition from print journalism to digital journalism was like. I found his answer to be what I expected. It seems more and more journalists are switching to digital as they’re realizing that print is not as popular and audiences are online now. I admired his message on being yourself no matter where life takes you. As cliche as that saying is he made it feel heartfelt from telling of his own personal experiences of obtaining jobs because of his distinctive personality. I love the fact that he said he learned to accept it and own it. I can relate to this on many levels. I’ve always tried staying true to who I was because my parents always taught me that, but I have also always had a southern accent that makes me stand out as well as being really short that makes me stand out. Joey Bunch said the reason he always stood out was because of his southern accent as well and his goofy personality. We are actually a lot alike. Everyone has always noticed my accent and tend to comment on it or mock it, and of course I’ve always heard the endless jokes about being short. I too have always been a “class clown” if you will, so I can relate to being goofy and his sense of humor. When it comes to journalism, I have always been interested in being a sports reporter, but like Joey Bunch I have been self-conscious about my accent.  When I started sideline reporting for ESPN3 at Wingate I felt that I needed to try to alter my voice. When attending an AWSM meeting and meeting the sideline reporter for the Carolina Panthers she told me to always be yourself and embrace an accent so that when people meet you in person you sound the same as you do on TV and are not perceived as a fraud. I’ve thought about that a lot since, so it was really good to hear it from another journalist-Joey Bunch-to embrace who I am. I feel that he is a great journalist because he is true to himself. What I took most away from his message was to be true to myself to become a good journalist. From listening to him reiterate staying true to oneself and embracing who you are I realized that by doing so he became a good reporter because it allowed him to develop his own writing style – his own voice. I plan to remind myself of this when writing my own articles now. I found it interesting to hear how he covered the Sandy Hook shooting and other intense tragedies and how it had an affect on him. This made me realize how invested a journalist can be and what the affect of getting into a story can be. I also admired how heartfelt he was about the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting and how he described how it made him feel when covering the story.I feel that this also comes from being true to yourself. While I do realize you have to keep your personal feelings aside in your writing and do not want to be biased or let your emotions get in the way of writing the story, I realized that the more you embrace who you are the more you’ll put of yourself into your work and the more invested you become. You began to relate to the subjects, which makes it relatable to the audience as well. This makes for a good journalist.


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