Charlotte Five Guest Speaker

Before Cory came and spoke to us I had never heard of Charlotte Five before, but I really liked what he had to say and liked the site from what he showed us and told us about it. I really like that they try to deliver news that the audience wants to know rather than what they think the audience wants to know. I think he is correct when he says that many news outlets report stories on things that they think they would want to read about and it’s really only something that appeals to them. I think all journalists should take that into consideration. I think it’s difficult to do and I liked that Charlotte Five uses analytics as Cory said to observe what gets read and what doesn’t. I also really liked that Cory and his Co-writer write stories with their own voice and personality in hopes that their readers know them personally. Another thing about Charlotte Five I really liked that he said they like to use freelance writers that have different voices in effort to have diverse voices on their page and develop a diverse audience. I really like this because it shows they are not bias and I personally like to read articles with different voices so I get different opinions and information.


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